What Attracts People to the Mystic Rose?


People are drawn to the Mystic Rose Meditation process because it is uncomplicated, direct, and dynamic. The healing potential through the three elements of laughter, tears and meditation is immediately recognisable to most people.

On the surface, the process may appear simplistic, just to laugh and cry a little and then some meditation, what ís the big deal? I too had no idea how powerful and life changing these three combined elements would be. From my own personal experience and observation as well as feedback from thousands of people who have participated in this process, it is without doubt one of the most profound self-transformation methods available to modern man.

I have found no reference of this combination of techniques being used before. The dynamic energy surge that both laughter and tears create throughout our system, releases enormous amounts of stagnant and blocked energy from our system in a very short period of time. People go straight to the heart of their issues, without having to spend years talking about them. It is an immediate encounter with many repressed and buried issues, which each individual experiences directly.

What also attracts people to this process is that they will have the support of a whole group willing to encounter themselves in the same way. This group dynamic sets up an atmosphere of trust, support and encouragement. There is no attempt to force people into any particular experience. They are given the understanding of how to release their blocked energy and how to work for themselves. This respect allows each participant to work in their own unique way within the group dynamic.

Three hours a day for three weeks is a perfect length of time for people to release and heal that which cannot be addressed in a weekend or shorter sessions