Osho Mystic Rose Facilitator Training
with Leela Itzler

Becoming a Mystic Rose Facilitator is a unique and personal journey for each trainee. It is an exploration into pure essential energy work at the deepest level. Learning not only how to free your own blocked and repressed energy but also how to support the expansion and healing of others within the dynamics of Laughter, Tears and Meditation.

As a facilitator you will also be a participant within the process. In this way your understanding and insight will develop from within.

In the first week of Laughter, you will learn how to communicate and facilitate this innovative process in a clear, professional and loving way. The introductions to each week are of great importance in allowing others to understand how best to work for themselves within this profound process.

Develop the understanding of the energetic/emotional body; it’s release of energy blocks within our psyche through the dynamic flow of laughter.

The importance of playfulness and humour in our daily lives and what the effects of prolonged laughter has on the physical body as well as the psychological and spiritual dimensions which are deeply transformative and healing.

In the second week of Tears, we focus on the understanding of how we have accumulated so much pain and sadness in our lives through conditioning and trauma and why our tears, fears and sadness have been so repressed. We will also develop the capacity of how to help others through these blocks by supporting deep abandoned crying. Releasing this stagnant energy will invigorate and liberate them from repression into expansion and freedom.
A great capacity for empathy and compassion naturally arises in us during this touching and heart opening experience.

The third week: Watcher on the Hills – Meditation.
In this week we relax into silence. The training will give you methods of how to deepen your own meditation and help other to experience glimpses of No-Mind. The importance of this final week is also how to help integrate meditation into daily life.

This training is a transmission of my 28 years experience of participating, facilitating and training thousands of people around the world in this amazing life changing process that Osho has created for us.