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A Three-Week Process Comprising of Three Hours Per Day


This dynamic healing and transformative process penetrates to the deepest layer of our energy through the three elements of Laughter, Tears and Meditation. This is a new and innovative Meditative Therapy combining a fusion of Eastern and Western healing and personal transformation methods.



The First week of Laughter – Enables us to rediscover our vitality, spontaneity and joy, which give us the capacity to take life and ourselves less seriously.  Deep sustained laughter is a powerful energetic force that breaks through layers of repressions and helps us to release many negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour, in a very dynamic and yet playful way.  It is a journey of rediscovery, liberation and empowerment bringing about awareness and a healthier, broader perspective to our lives.



The second Week – Tears – Many buried and repressed layers of sadness; trauma and despair can now be released through deep abandoned crying. Society has many taboos around crying, especially so for men, but in the loving and supportive atmosphere of the collective group dynamic created during this process, painful and fearful experiences can dissolve in the profound healing that our tears allow. This great unburdening releases many energy blocks from our system allowing us to see life through new and fresh eyes.



The Third Week – The Watcher on the Hills – Meditation
In this final phase of the Mystic Rose we are able to assimilate the many experiences that we have gone through during the laughter and tears. In these silent sittings we can settle into the present moment where peace and centeredness prevail.

This week can be a wonderful introduction to, or a deepening of our meditation as we connect more and more to our inner consciousness – The Watcher Within. Meditation is the door to our inner Being.