What is the Mystic Rose Meditation – Instructions


Original Instructions from Osho on the first two stages of The Mystic Rose Meditation.


Laughter for seven days three hours a day
begin with Yaa Hoo! then laugh for three hours.
Tears: Crying for three hours.
Laughing and crying for no reason at all.


This is a new meditation which also functions as physiological change, medical transformation and brings out your child with its freshness and wonder.

It will be a deep cleansing of many wounds and scars of centuries. Society has repressed your laughter and your crying because they disturb the status quo. This has been going on for millennia. We have been repressed much and whatever is repressed in this way becomes a wound. These wounds and scars have been developing for many lives. They are not part of the body, they are surrounding the consciousness and have to be released.

It is an absolutely new meditation which has never existed before in the history of mankind. Even scientists are now becoming aware of the benefits of laughter, what it can do for the body and its health, flexibility and playfulness. A good laugh or cry will also rejuvenate you

We are going into laughter first because it will be easier; crying has been repressed more deeply than laughing. There should be not talking in the groups, just start laughing. If someone in the group is not laughing, the other members of the group should lovingly tickle him. And if someone is not crying, then the other members should just softly touch him and be crying themselves. Nobody should be left dead.

Let your tears be released and your laughter be released and you will feel like a new man. Three hours have been chosen because it is like a dam when it breaks. When this laughing and crying breaks, it is like a dam and one hour is not enough. The question is just to break the dam. You will find it very refreshing, everything is allowed, just don’t hurt anyone. There should be not talking during the three hours of the group.