About Leela Itzler

Leela Itzler – Director of The Osho Institute for Meditative Therapies

Forty five years ago, Leela began her inner journey when she first made contact with Osho, a spiritual Master who had gathered many thousands of Western and Indian seekers in his commune in India.
In the early seventies, Leela began offering Massage and Energy Healing sessions in London and this soon evolved into trainings, which she then continued for the next twenty years. She has also run many groups, seminars, meditation retreats and has been an Awareness in the Marketplace Trainer for a large company in Germany, helping people to incorporate inner awareness in their daily life and in the business world.
Leela has developed, facilitated and created trainings for three of Osho’s Meditative Therapies, namely The Mystic Rose, No-Mind and Born Again Meditations.
She has offered these dynamic processes to thousands of participants worldwide over the past twenty eight years.
As a healer and teacher, Leela’s purpose and joy is to share her understanding and insight of how to free ourselves from the bondage of our conditioned ego/mind and live more joyously in the present moment.